6 Safety Tips for Truck Stops

A truck stop is a beacon of relief for many drivers that might have been driving for several hours and need their rest. Truck stops are vital and can provide drivers with food, water, and a place to rest their head before going back out onto the road. One of the tough realities is that there are some truck stops that are less safe than others. We wanted to collect a few safety tips for drivers so they can stay safe at every truck stop they stay at.

  1. Avoid Newly Licensed CDL Drivers: It is hard to tell what trucks currently have a CDL student and trainer in them but keep an eye out. CDL trainers will often utilize truck stops for student training and can be prone to damaging your truck due to their inexperience.
  2. Avoid Parking at The End of Rows: These areas are often some of the highest trafficked areas at truck stops and will increase your percentages of truck damage simply by being in that location.
  3. Avoid Spots That Force You to Back Out: We say this even for the more experienced drivers but backing up to leave a truck stop opens you for vehicle damage. It might be other drivers going to fast in the parking lot that hit you or hitting an obstruction you didn’t see behind you.
  4. Assume Cargo Theft Can Happen at Truck Stops: Try to avoid truck stops that have poorly lit areas and if you can park next to other drivers, it can increase the amount of eyes being kept out for suspicious activity.
  5. Keep Your Doors Locked: We know that this one goes without saying but many drivers will have a slip of memory and forget to lock a door. It presents an easy opportunity for criminals so try to create some kind of reminder before going to sleep in the cabin or going into the stop.
  6. Inspect Your Truck Before Getting On The Road Again: It should always be a habit to do a quick walk around of your vehicle after stopping for any reason but definitely after staying at a truck stop. A vehicle could have been tampered with purposely or inadvertently by somebody backing into your vehicle when they left.

Exercising caution and safety are the two most important things to keep top of mind when entering or leaving a truck stop. Hauling on the open roads can be challenging enough so don’t make truck stops become another driver safety hazard.

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