Driver Phone Distractions

Talking on a cell phone while driving a truck can be very dangerous and increase the risk of accidents. When a driver is distracted by a phone call, they may not be fully focused on the road and their surroundings, which can lead to poor decision making and slower reaction times. This can be especially … Continued

Get Winter Ready

Many across the Midwest have recently felt the change in weather drop from the blistering heat experienced most of the summer to the lower temperatures of the fall. It may seem early to begin planning for the winter months and the hazards they bring but its good to always be prepared. Here are a few … Continued

Hurricane Relaxes Regulations

This month, we have seen Hurricane Ian continue to grow and shift its path of destruction. It currently looks like it will have some serious impacts to the state of Florida as many airports, businesses, and other services have announce at least 1-2 days of closure. Many of those businesses have also put in a … Continued

Benefits to Becoming a Driver

There are several benefits to becoming a truck driver, including the potential for good pay, the opportunity to see different parts of the country, and the freedom and independence that comes with the job. There are many reasons why people become truck drivers. For some, it may be a way to earn a good living … Continued

6 Safety Tips for Truck Stops

A truck stop is a beacon of relief for many drivers that might have been driving for several hours and need their rest. Truck stops are vital and can provide drivers with food, water, and a place to rest their head before going back out onto the road. One of the tough realities is that … Continued

Provide Parking Feedback

It is no secret that one of the biggest pains and challenges for drivers is finding a proper parking spot when you are on the road. The recent supply chain issues over the past two years have brought that issue to the forefront and it appears that some agencies are taking notice. The American Transportation … Continued

I-10 Restricts Trucks

There have been several discussions at both the state and federal level about certain areas that present safety challenges to truck drivers and pedestrian vehicles along certain stretches of interstates. There has been an effort to identify those certain areas that see regular collisions and to develop policies to curb some of those dangers. Starting … Continued

Possible Changes in 2022

We wanted to compile a list of some of the current bills and regulation changes that are being considered or reviewed right now that might have an effect on truckers in 2022. It should be noted that these bills have not passed at the time of this blog post but have been introduced or discussed … Continued

Truck Shortages Coming?

We have all seen the updates around supply chain issues and the various reasons that are compiling into making that issue. For those in the trucking industry, the number of available CDL drivers and the industry turnover rate has become a national headline. While all of those are very real issues, there could be additional … Continued

Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax

The Highway Trust Fund has been funded majorly by the fuel tax. However, this trust fund cannot independently cover the federal government’s expenditures on roads and transportation. Therefore, the Senate Finance Committee has been interested in finding a solution to the inherent insolvency problem. Apparently, the fuel tax system might not be enough to provide … Continued