Trucking Jobs in Oklahoma City

If you are looking for a trucking job in Oklahoma City, then you’ve come to the right place! Waller Truck has a lot to offer when it comes to trucking jobs in Oklahoma City. With a long list of benefits when you join Waller Truck; we excel at keeping our drivers happy.

New Kenworth Truck Fleet

Our fleet consists of brand new Kenworth trucks, including T680 tractors and 650 late-model dry vans. The vehicles are fully automatic, have APUs and Qualcomm digital logs. Waller has a total of 200 trucks.

Potential for Regional Jobs

Because Waller Truck is a family-based company, we know that family comes first. Therefore, we try our best to make sure you get home to your family as much as possible, while still earning a decent income. We offer some of the best regional programs with a low turnover rate and high flexibility. Regional trips can mean a 500 mile round trip, and still make it home every night. Regional positions are available depending on where home is.

No Touch Freight

94% of our loads are completely no touch. You worry about the driving and we’ll worry about everything else.

Rider Policy

If you having your friends and family keeping you company out on the road, check out our free rider policy from day one.

Employment Statistics

The lowest hourly wage for a truck driver in Oklahoma City is $12.68; it is not much different from the rate of $12.62 in the U.S. The highest pay rate is also quite similar, with $29.93 in Oklahoma City and an average of $29.81 around the U.S.

What to Expect as a Driver

The life of a professional truck driver can be exhausting; therefore we always try to give you the most comfortable environment possible. Even though your primary responsibility is to deliver goods to specific locations, not everybody can handle long working hours and routes. Drivers should follow all applicable traffic laws and report any incidents they encounter on the road.

As a driver, other duties will involve:

  • Truck and trailer inspection before and after the trip
  • Maintaining eLogs of working hours
  • Keeping everything in good working order

How to Become a Truck Driver

Waller Truck requires all drivers to have a CDL and a minimum of 18 months of previous driving experience. Once the driver has a CDL, they usually receive on-the-job training for up to 3 months. The training includes driving with a mentor in the passenger seat.

Besides the technical requirements, there are some qualities that a professional truck driver should have to handle the job. These qualities include good hearing and eyesight, physical health, hand-eye coordination, etc. Also, it is crucial to avoid citations on your driving records as it may cause suspension of your CDL.

Trucking is not always an easy job, but with the right qualities and attitude it can become one. If a trucking job in Oklahoma City is what you are looking for, then click here to apply today.