Trucking Jobs in Louisville

Waller Truck is a 60-year-old, family owned, and operated company located in the heart of Kentucky. We put our drivers first and provide the best working environment for our drivers. Waller has many job opportunities available for experienced drivers in Louisville.

Louisville Trucking Employment Statistics

Louisville provides drivers a solid base salary of $24,400 per year and $57,600 per year (O*Net, 2012). Additionally, many trucking companies offer sign-on bonuses. Waller Truck offers drivers orientation pay as well.
Louisville is the place for trucking job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports jobs openings for truck drivers are expected to increase by 21% in 2020.

What it Takes to be a Truck Driver in Louisville

The first step is ensuring you have training This can be done by attending a commercial truck driving program where you will spend five to eight weeks studying for the exam and spending time behind the wheel of a commercial truck.

The second step is to obtain your CDL (commercial driver’s license). This is done through the Motor Vehicle Licensing Division of Kentucky.

What to Expect as a Driver?

  • Keeping everything organized
  • Long hours
  • Inspecting your truck and truck route

Driver Requirements at Waller Truck

  • All drivers must have a CDL (commercial driver’s license)
  • All drivers must have at least 18 months of previous experience
  • All drivers must pass a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical

Benefits Offered by Waller Truck

  • Waller Truck offers drivers many benefits for trucking jobs if Louisville.
  • Local and regional jobs are available to give drivers an opportunity to home at night.
  • Orientation pay helps drivers stay on their feet when changing jobs.
  • Pet friendly environment allows drivers to take pets on the road from day one.
  • Family and friend’s policy allows, upon authorization, friends and family to ride from day one.
  • No touch freight/ drop & hook gives drivers peace of mind with 94% of no touch loads and 96% of drop and hook loads.

Brand new Kenworth Fleet

Waller Truck offers drivers use of a brand-new Kenworth fleet.

  • 200 truck fleet available to drivers.
  • Fully automatic trucks for easy driving.
  • Digital eLogs to lessen paperwork.
  • State-of-the-art T680 trucks.
  • APUs
  • 650 late model 53-foot dry vans.

Be Part of the Waller Truck Family

Working for Waller Truck is like working for family. Trust Waller to treat you with respect and offer you the best work environment in Louisville.

What we can offer you? A great career, local or regional jobs, great benefits, a new Kenworth fleet, and part of a family.

What can you offer us? 18 months of previous experience, commitment, and a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Waller Truck is always looking for hard-working new drivers. We want you!

We value hard work and will treat you like family. To learn about the great opportunities in Louisville and Waller Truck, apply now to become part of a great team. Interesting in applying at Waller? Click here to apply today.