Available Waller Truck Driving Jobs in Denver

Waller Truck Company is a high quality trucking company located in the heart of America. We focus on creating the best working environment for our drivers. With many benefits to choose from, Waller Truck has been on top of the market for 60 years.

Some of the main benefits of the Waller Truck jobs offered in Denver are:

  • New Kenworth truck fleet
  • Regional and local jobs
  • 94% no touch freight
  • Majority of our freight is drop and hook
  • Pet-friendly company
  • Orientation pay

Brand New Trucking Fleet

Waller Truck aims to stay at the forefront of driver technology and we know it starts with the trucks we put our valued drivers in. For those that meet our requirements in the Denver area, you will be driving a brand new Kenworth T680.

Our driver logs are all digital and we now have a total of 200 trucks comprising our fleet. Ongoing investment into drier technology is what has helped push Waller Truck into one of the premier trucking companies with loads delivering into the Denver area.

Regional Job Availability

When you research the history of our company, one of the first things you will notice is how much pride we take in being family-owned. As a family-owned company, we realize the importance of being able to allow our Denver drivers to spend time with their families whenever possible. Our ability to offer flexible regional trucking jobs for our Denver drivers has allowed us to maintain a low turnover rate. The availability of these great regional jobs can vary depending on where you’re located in and around Denver.

What Benefits Make Waller a Leader in Denver Trucking Careers

We’ve already told you about the history of our company and how that makes us different, but we also want to touch on some of the big selling points our current drivers are mentioning.

  • Day One Free Rider:  We know that many of our drivers have friends and family that like to accompany them on the road. We also know that in can be frustrating (especially for veteran drivers) when a trucking company doesn’t allow you a rider for several weeks/ months. So to make sure our drivers are happy, we allow a rider to accompany from day one.
  • No Touch Freight: Allowing our Denver drivers to have no=touch freight options constantly available is important. Being able to pull into a destination and avoid the chances of incident that can occur during loading/ unloading process is important. 94% of our loads are no-touch freight and can provide you with peace of mind that many drivers desire.
  • Paid Orientation: Having gaps in between changing jobs is touch enough. Add in companies that don’t offer paid orientation that might last multiple days and things can get tougher. We want to avoid that and offer paid orientation for all of our new Denver truck drivers.

How to Get a Trucking Job in Denver

There are some things to consider before becoming a truck driver in Denver. It is crucial that you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you want to work for Waller Truck, you’ll need 18 months of verified driving experience.

You do not necessarily need to attend a professional truck driving school. If you do attend CDL school, you can expect to learn how to maneuver large vehicles, and learn about regulations governing interstate truck driving. The course can last from 3 to 6 months. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Driver Requirements at Waller Truck

What is required from the driver?

  • CDL
  • 18 months of previous working experience
  • Ability to pass a DOT physical

If you think you are qualified for a truck driving job with Waller Truck Co., Inc, please submit your application today. We are always ready to hire professional truck drivers.


Making Your Final Decision

We know that there are several trucking companies to choose from when you’re based in the city of Denver. We encourage you to apply to Waller Truck Co., and let us have an opportunity to tell you about all the great opportunities we offer. Interested in applying to Waller? Click here to apply today.